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“A recommendation for Julie Mosow, my editorial partner for well over a decade, is a pure pleasure to write. With the establishment of Silverleaf Editorial, Julie is now available to help both fiction and nonfiction writers create the books they were born to write. Brilliant, discerning, and kind, she can help writers rethink structure; trim and polish prose; transform a worthy nonfiction idea into a truly good book; and a pretty good draft of a novel into a great one. Lucky you for having found her!”

Marly Rusoff, Marly Rusoff & Associates   

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“Julie immediately saw the value in my project and quickly came up with a plan that edited out the elements that were impeding its progress into the hands of a mainstream audience. Not only did she recognize the need for my characters to have driving motivations, but she offered several ideas on how to remedy the issue. One of these suggestions became a critical plot point that brought the entire book together and even gave deeper meaning to the title. While I have worked with other editors in the past, she is the only one who seems to have her finger on the pulse of what agents and publishers are seeking. In her positive, supportive way, she pushed me to do the necessary editing and, above all, encouraged me to create structure so that every sentence might hold meaning and purpose. Her advice on querying returned same-day attention from several agents and also helped me to understand how my book fit into the marketplace. She did all of this with a generosity of time and with a spirit of friendship that has left me with hope that my debut novel might soon find a home. I look forward to working with her on my next book!”

Lisa A. Sturm, LCSW, author of Echoed in My Bones, which will be published by Twisted Road Publications in 2020

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“Julie is an important part of my creative process. She understands what I am trying to achieve and always gives feedback that is concrete, helpful, and full of specific examples of ideas to attack the problems in my manuscript. She’s the best!!”

Kyle Prue, author of The Feud Trilogy

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"Not only is Julie a consummate professional in her editing skills, she is also a pleasure to work with. She truly understands the writing process and her years of expertise show in her spot-on suggestions. This came through in both her written comments and during the phone conferences we scheduled to discuss my manuscript. Julie's expertise was invaluable in helping to bring the manuscript for my YA novel to the next level."

Sarah Bayliss, Associate Editor, School Library Journal and author of the YA novel, Thirteen Lives


“Julie Mosow is a brilliant and perceptive editor. She is like a great and tough football coach who gets the best out of her players. She saw things that needed work and things that were missing in my novel and guided me toward creating a much better book.”

Andy Greenspan, Film producer, former television journalist, and author of the novel, Fault


"Julie gave me clear-eyed but compassionate feedback on my query letter which I very much appreciated. Even though I am a published author, I admit I don't know much about what agents look for in query letters -- but Julie does. I very much enjoyed working with her and can say that I received an interested note from an agent within hours of sending my Julie-edited query letter."

Claire Zulkey, author of An Off Year (2009) and Flashback

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"Julie Mosow is an ideal editor. After only a short period time, when she gave me feedback on my work, she seemed to know my manuscript better than I did. Her work was thorough, honest, and clear, with straightforward ideas of how to improve what I’d written. She asked insightful questions and encouraged me to revise and to complete my book. As a first time author, I am very grateful for Julie’s influence, which remained constant well after we finished our work together. I can only give my highest recommendation for working with her."

Melissa Keller, Clinical Assistant Professor, University of Indiana, and author of the memoir, Crazy is Relative