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What I Do

From first draft to final proofs, I partner with authors at all stages of the fiction writing process on multiple drafts and across multiple projects and genres. Whether you’ve published before or you’re just dreaming of it, I can help you uncover the unique story you  want to tell through better use of fictional techniques such as structure, plotting, pacing, dialogue, character, and setting. On top of that, I’m always seeking out opportunities to help writers create the kind of spellbinding prose and magical connections that readers will remember forever. 

I provide customized services that include but are not limited to:


  • Manuscript Evaluation - I will carefully read your manuscript and return an editorial letter about what’s going right in your book and what could be improved. An editorial letter is a roadmap for revision with specific, detailed suggestions on how to improve your book through better structure, pacing, plotting, character, dialogue, setting, etc. I’ll also return a marked manuscript to you with comments and questions in the margins. Once you’ve had a chance to digest all the comments and suggestions, we schedule a phone consultation to answer any lingering questions, to brainstorm, and to discuss next steps.

  • Developmental Editing - Developmental editing goes one step further than manuscript revision. After a first read of your book and a phone consultation to discuss and to agree upon a plan, I then go line-by-line and word by word, implementing changes to fictional technique and improving sentence structure, word choice, and flow. Though you may still have revision to do, this process involves more collaboration on the page than manuscript evaluation.

  • Synopsis - Capturing the energy and excitement of your book in a synopsis is sometimes easier said than done. I can help you craft a brief retelling of your story that gives a sense of plot, character, and style in just a few pages.

  • Mentorship - Do you have a great idea but don’t where to go next? Maybe you have a few chapters of a novel but feel stuck and need guidance? Mentorship provides an ongoing editorial relationship that will help you move forward. During weekly or monthly sessions, I offer kind but truthful feedback on how to improve your writing along with general publishing advice. This service is useful for writers who are still completing a manuscript or those who are working on implementing editorial suggestions and would like regular feedback.

  • Copyediting - This is a final pass once you’ve revised your novel, addressed most, if not all, “big picture” problems, and are ready to get your book ready for submission to agents or editors. Copyediting will correct issues at the line level as well as grammar, punctuation, spelling, and standardization throughout the manuscript.

  • Query Letter - I can help you craft a query letter that gets an agent’s attention and shows that you understand the increasingly complex world of publishing. From writing a compelling summary of your story to finding comparative titles to describing who you are as a person and a writer, a great query letter can make an important first impression and get your foot in the door.


"I was fortunate to work with Julie on my first novel. She is an insightful and inspiring editor who saw multiple possibilities when I’d run out of ideas, drew magical connections, and helped me tackle thorny plot problems I’d tried to ignore. With Julie’s guidance, I was able to fine-tune the manuscript that landed a deal with my top choice in-house editor and publisher. Best of all, she made a daunting revision genuinely fun."

Melodie Winawer, author of The Scribe of Siena (Touchstone, May 2017)


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